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Pavement Marking

Pre-Bid Conference

May 16, 2017 10:00 City Hall Council Chamber non-manditory

Due Date

5/24/2017 3:00:00 PM

Additional Information

The City of Allen Park (Owner), Michigan (“MI”), is requesting quotations for the following:
• Replacement of the existing pavement markings with waterborne paint for the longitudinal markings, and with cold plastic overlays for the symbols, 6” crosswalks, and 24” stop bars on the following roads within the City of Allen Park, Michigan:
1. Enterprise Drive (Southfield Road north to the City limits)
2. Reeck Road (Allen Road to Goddard Road)
• Replacement of the existing pavement markings with recessed ployurea for the longitudinal markings, symbols, 6” crosswalks, and 24” stop bars for the following roads and locations within the City of Allen Park, Michigan:
1. Champaign Road (Allen Road to Pelham Road)
2. Allen Park Middle School:
(i) Vine @ Champaign (south and west legs)
(ii) Vine @ Englewood (north and south legs)
(iii)Vine @ Wick (all legs)
3. Arno Elementary School:
(i) Markese @ Colwell (all legs)
(ii) Markese @ Fox (all legs)
(iii)Thomas @ Colwell (all legs)
(iv)Thomas @ Fox (all legs)
4. Lindemann Elementary School
(i) Wick @ Carter (all legs)
(ii) Wick @ Becker (all legs)
(iii) Moore @ Carter (all legs)
(iv) Moore @ Becker (all legs)
5. Allen Park Community School
(i) Vine @ Moore (south and east legs)
(ii) Vine @ Maylawn (north leg)
• Maintenance of pedestrian and vehicular traffic during removal and replacement.
• Coordination of the schedule for the pavement marking work. The successful bidder shall coordinate with the Police, Fire and DPW prior to mobilization.
• Furnishing of all labor, material, and equipment necessary for all the preparatory work and operations. This shall include but not be limited to those necessary for the movement of personnel, equipment, supplies, and incidentals to the project site for Contractor facilities necessary to undertake the work on the project, and for expenses incurred, prior
to beginning work on the contract. This shall also include all pre-construction costs, complete clean-up including insurance and bonds, exclusive of quoting costs, which are necessary direct costs to the project and are of a general nature. All costs necessary to accomplish the above item for an installation ready to use by the Owner shall be included.

Pavement Marking Bid Specifications

Addendum #1