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Truck Information

Engine 1


Engine 1 is a 2008 Pierce Puc rescue pumper, and our primary front line attack engine and extrication truck. It was purchased with $525,000 of federal grant money, as was the set of “jaws” that it carries. This truck is equipped with a 1500 gallon per minute pump, a 750 gallon water tank, and a 20 gallon foam tank, and foam induction system. This truck is also a licensed advanced life support echo unit.

Fire Engine 1


Engine 2

Engine 2 is a 1988 Grumman Firecat pumper. It is a backup to engine 1. It is equipped with a 1500 gallon per minute pump and a 600 gallon water tank.
Fire Engine 2

Ladder 1

Ladder 1 is a 2009 Pierce, 100 foot aerial platform; it responds to all fires and mutual aid calls, and was purchased with $750,000 of federal grant money. This truck has a 2000 gallon per minute pump and a 300 gallon water tank. 
Fire Ladder Truck 1

Alpha 3 (2006 Wheeled Coach) 

 Fire Ambulance Alpha 3

Alpha 2 (2015 Braun)

Alpha 2 (2015 Braun)

Alpha 1 (2001 American LaFrance)

Alpha 1
Alpha1, Alpha2, and Alpha3 are our three advanced life support ambulances. Alpha2 and Alpha1 are front line, in service daily; Alpha3 is a reserve and is put into service when needed. These trucks are equipped with the latest life saving technology, including 12 lead monitor / defibrillators with transmitting capability. Alpha2 is currently under construction and is expected to be in service by January 2015. Alpha2 was purchased with federal grant money.