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assessing and property tax Information

The Assessing Department has the responsibility of preparing the assessment and tax rolls for the City for all property that is not exempt. The assessor makes an appraisal to determine the true cash value of each taxable property within the City of Allen Park . The State of Michigan Constitution requires that property be assessed at 50% of true cash value. Proposal A was a constitutional amendment passed in 1994 that placed additional limits on the values used to calculate property taxes. Beginning in 1995, property taxes were calculated by levying the millage on the taxable value, rather than the state equalized value.

The taxable value is the lesser of the capped value and the state equalized value. The capped value is calculated by taking the previous years taxable value, subtracting any losses from demolition, then multiplying by the inflation rate or 5%, whichever is less, then adding any value for new construction. The inflation rate for 2013is 2.4%

Notice of assessment changes are mailed annually at the end of February. This is a notice of assessed value, taxable value and homestead status. Property owners can appeal their assessed value, capped value and homestead status to the March Board of Review.






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2014 Assessment Change Map - By Neighborhood



Assessing Changes for 2013 Tax Year 

This document provides a general overview of 2013 assessment roll for City of Allen Park.

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Business Personal Property

All businesses are required under MCL 211.21 to file a Personal Property Statement (Form L-4175) with the city in which the business has personal property by February 20th of each year. The Michigan Constitution provides for the assessment of all real and tangible personal property not exempted by law.

Business Personal Property generally consists of furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, computers, etc. All tangible personal property in your possession as of December 31st of the preceding year, including fully appreciated and expensed assets, must be reported.

The Personal Property Statement form is mailed each year in December. If you do not receive a form you can complete and print a copy from the state treasury web site at



Contact the Assessor's Office at 313-928-2124 should you have questions about assessable personal property.

Principal Residence Exemption

Formerly known as the Homestead Exemption, Principal Residence Status will give the property owner the exemption from school operating tax up to18 mills. To obtain Principal Residence status, the property must be a residential property that is owner occupied by May 1 of the year claiming exemption. Michigan allows one Principal Residence exemption on the primary residence. Principal Residence exemption forms can be obtained by contacting the local assessment office or by clicking on the link to the State of Michigan Website and downloading the form. If you have recently purchased another Michigan residence and are in the process of selling our previous principal residence, find out more about the Conditional Rescission of the Principal Residence at:

Conditional Rescission of the Principal Residence
PRE Guidelines

Transfers of Ownership

The City of Allen Park is collecting the penalty for failure to file the Property Transfer Affidavit within 45 days from the date of transfer of ownership.

Properties that sold or had a transfer of ownership in the year 2011 will be uncapped for the 2012 tax year. This means that the taxable value will be reset to the assessed value regardless of the capped value calculation. This may result in a large increase in property taxes for a new homeowner. If you need assistance determining the amount of property tax for a property that transferred ownership in 2011, please call the Assessors Office at (313) 928 2124.

For more information on what constitutes a "Transfer of Ownership" under the Michigan Constitution as amended by Proposal A of 1994, click on the following link: Transfer of Ownership


Poverty Exemption

 To receive consideration for Poverty Exemption, the petitioner must do the following:     
              1 Own and occupy property as a principal residence.      
              2 File poverty petition application.          
              3 Provide copy of current "Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit" form,  
  and State and Federal income tax forms.        
              4 Disclose all household income from all working members of the household.  
              5 Disclose all assets of household.          
              6 Comply with time requirements.          
              7 Household assets of less than $25,000 in value (excluding principal residence,  
  automobile, typical personal belongings and typical household furnishings).  
 General Statement of Intent:  The Board of Review may grant poverty consideration to those   
 taxpayers whose out of pocket property taxes are greater than 7.5% of their total household   
 income  (minus any homestead property tax credit from the State of Michigan) for a typically   
 valued home in Allen Park.  The Board of Review may take into account any relative      
 circumstances they deem important, i.e. unusual medical expenses.       
 Typical Value of Home in Allen Park   100,000 or a taxable value of        50,000  
 If the homeowner falls under the Federal Poverty Guidelines and the above forumula grants no   
relief,  then the out of pocket taxesafter the homestead tax credit shall be halved.    
 Federal Poverty Guidelines         
Size of Family Unit  Poverty Guidelines         
1 $10,900        
2 $14,700        
3 $18,500        
4 $22,400        
5 $26,200        
6 $30,000        
7 $33,800        
8 $37,600        
For each additional person  $3,800        

Do You Qualify for a Deferral of Your Summer Taxes?

If you received the deferment of summer taxes in the past, you will need to complete a new application. Individuals who meet the criteria may request a deferral form from the Treasurer's Office. The State requires this form be filed annually and submitted to the Treasurer's Office no later than September 15, 2012.

Property Tax Notice

2012 Summer tax notices will be mailed the first week in July. These taxes are due August 15, 2012.

If you have a non-escrow mortgage and have not received your Tax Notice please call our office at 313-928-4494 we can send you a duplicate.

2011 Winter tax notices were mailed the first week in December. These taxes are due February 14, 2012.

The City of Allen Park accepts partial payments for 2011 Property Taxes through February 29, 2012.

On March 1, 2012, property taxes must be paid to the Wayne County Treasurer, 400 Monroe, 5th floor, Detroit MI 48226.

Payment Information

The blue collection box is located at the back entrance of the City Hall. For your convenience you may drop your Water, Tax, and Sidewalk bills there 24 hours a day (separate checks please).

Coming 2015,  On-line and over the counter credit card payments will be accepted