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Novi, Michigan
Novi, Michigan
Messages from the Mayor
How to Help Fellow Allen Parkers

A number of residents have reached out to ask how they can help during this trying time.  For those who would like to help, the following is provided:

 The Allen Park Chaplains serve the city and its residents and are collecting donations of gift cards for food (Meijer, Target, Kroger etc) and monetary gifts that will be shared with families in need of support during this time of crisis. Please text your name and desire to give to this number 734.626.7990 and Pastor Pat Bossio from the Allen Park Chaplain Corp will respond to you.

Make checks payable to:  Christfamily, Memo Line-Chaplain Benevolence
Mail to: 18506 Telegraph Rd., Brownstown, MI 48174

In addition, Beaumont Hospital, which serves many in our region, has provided information on their needs and I am posting that document, below.
Thank you, all, for reaching out to others.
Continue to take care and we will weather this "storm".
Gail McLeod, Mayor
April 28, 2020

April 12, 2020
Statement on A.P. Residents Passing

April 11, 2020
Statement on A.P. Residents Passing

April 10, 2020
Statement on A.P. Residents Passing

April 7, 2020
Statement on A.P. Residents Passing

April 6, 2020
Statement on A.P. Residents Passing

March 30, 2020
To All Residents:

March 29, 2020
Statement on A.P. Residents Passing

Please review the Stay Home, Stay Safe Order Summary from Governor Whitmer, which takes effect at midnight, Monday, March 23 through midnight Monday, April 13, 2020. 
Our adherence to this order is critical in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring that the most vulnerable among us do not succumb to this disease.  This is NOT like the flu.  There is no vaccine nor cure for this disease at this time and for some time to come.  Our best defense is to not expose ourselves or others to possible contamination. 
It is our duty and responsibility to protect ourselves and others, particularly our first responders, at this critical time.  Please remember that our first responders and medical personnel are experiencing shortages of personal protection equipment and are under a great deal of stress.  Let's not add to that.
Thank you for your cooperation.  Let's lead the way as Allen Parkers.
Gail McLeod, Mayor

Click to View​Governor's Stay Home, Stay Safe Excutive Order   March, 23, 2020 

A Message to All Allen Park Residents -   (see important links at the bottom of this document)
I realize that we are all going through some very trying times and things change daily, if not more often.  While we are required to "keep our distance", that should be physical distance - not social distance.  Please reach out to your neighbors who may not be able to get out to obtain needed food or other supplies.  Let them know you are there for them and, at the very least, thinking of them.  A quick call or friendly wave can greatly improve how a person who is shut-in is feeling and will help them through this. 
Your City officials are doing everything they can to ensure that critical services continue to be provided and that you have access to all that you need.  Please be patient with regard to City services and responses.  As you can well understand, our Fire, Police and DPS employees must prioritize the situations to which they are called while trying to ensure that you, and they, are not exposed to the COVID-19 virus.  It is extremely important that these personnel remain healthy and able to assist you.  And please don't forget that they, too, have families who are being impacted.
Information and documents are posted on our City website and official Facebook pages (City, Fire, Police) which have valuable information as to City operations, contact numbers and health and welfare websites.  Please take the time to review these documents and share them with friends and neighbors who may not have online access.
In addition, many of our restaurants continue to provide carryout and delivery service to meet your needs, and the City and DDA are continually updating those lists, which can be found on our website and Facebook pages.
One word of caution - beware of scams and false information regarding vaccines, supplies etc.  Refer to some of the sites provided in the documents on our website to verify what you are reading or hearing.
We will get through this.  Some events may be delayed, but this is temporary.  We have time to re-schedule and readjust.  The important thing is that we come through this, healthy.
Take care.
Gail McLeod, Mayor
March 21, 2020