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Wayne County Covid-19 Vaccine Clinics

Gail McLeod                                                                                                        
   Mayor                                                  City of Allen Park
PHONE: 313-928-1470

February 22, 2021
Dear Allen Park Residents,
Today, February 22, 2021, a statement was posted on the City of Allen Park – Government Facebook page in response to numerous calls and emails from senior residents who saw that Wayne County has set up vaccine clinics for senior citizens in 6 communities, but not in Allen Park. 
The statement indicated that clinics are only for residents of those communities, based on criteria like mobility issues, age of the community and poverty levels.  (Please note that the decisions and criteria are beyond the control of the City as they are initiated at State and County levels.)
Our posting further stated - We continue to petition Wayne County for vaccines for our seniors and hope to have positive news soon about a Wayne County clinic in our community. We are doing everything we can. 
A link (below) was provided to the news story.
It is important for you to know that, as was stated in the Facebook posting, we are doing everything possible to get vaccines to our most vulnerable residents.
Our Emergency liaison for the City of Allen Park, Chief Douglas LaFond and Deputy Chief Ed Cann, have been in constant contact with Wayne County.  They recently provided data regarding our total 65 and over population and those 65 and over living in our senior facilities; i.e., Maple Heights and Paluch Senior Housing.  Chief LaFond has volunteered our entire Fire Department staff, who are trained Paramedics, to administer COVID vaccinations.  We have a facility we can provide for Wayne County to use.  We are awaiting a response.
Our County Commissioner, Sam Baydoun, contacted me and is trying to arrange for seniors in senior housing in Dearborn and Allen Park to be vaccinated.  We are awaiting further information.
Numerous plans to provide vaccinations are on hold due to a lack of vaccines.  Beaumont recently cancelled appointments for second shots because of a vaccine shortage.
During a 12th District Leadership call this morning, Taylor Mayor Sollars indicated they had been contacted by the Wayne County Health to arrange a tour of some facilities as possible vaccination venues.  As yet, nothing has come from that.  Debbie Dingell, our 12th District Representative, had a meeting at 11AM with the Governor and has been in constant contact with State and County officials on behalf of 12th District communities.
We ask for your patience and understanding.  We are as frustrated and upset as you and are doing everything we possibly can to ensure that our residents will receive vaccines, when available.  Keep in mind, however, that only county and local health departments (Detroit, for example) receive allocations.  Cities do not.  That means that we, and every City for whom they provide services, are impacted by the number of vaccines allocated to the Wayne County Health Department.
Please let neighbors who may not use the Internet know that we are making every effort to take care of them.  When we have information, we will communicate that information, immediately, and ask that you pass it along to those who do not have access to the Internet.
Thank you and take care.
Gail McLeod