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Novi, Michigan
Novi, Michigan
Downtown Development Authority

Department Info

6543 Allen Rd
Allen Park, MI 48101


Executive Director:
Jennifer Kibby 

The Allen Park Downtown Development Authority (DDA) manages the city’s central business district, home to 450+ businesses. Established in 1991, the DDA was created to promote economic growth and development. It is our mission to revitalize and sustain long-term economic stability for downtown businesses in order to provide an attractive place to shop, live, work, and visit.
Responsibilities. The DDA organizes its operations around Main Street America’s proven Four Point Approach:
  • Economic Vitality. Downtown Allen Park drives the local economy. The DDA keeps the district strong by strengthening existing businesses, catalyzing new investment to diversify the commercial mix, and cultivating a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Design. Downtown is the heart of Allen Park’s culture, history, and community. The DDA both celebrates the past and welcomes today with carefully renovated buildings and people-centered public spaces to create a dynamic atmosphere like no other.
  • Promotion. Downtown Allen Park is at the center of it all. DDA special events and marketing campaigns keep district streets hopping all year a locals, tourists, and investors flock downtown for fun.
  • Organization. Downtown Allen Park must be carefully tended. Like any other community asset, downtown needs strong leadership. The DDA building organizational capacity, fosters broad community engagement, and forges partnerships across sectors to keep downtown thriving.
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Jennifer KibbyJennifer was named DDA Executive Director in 2011. She brings over 30 years’ experience in nonprofit community development. Prior to joining the DDA, she served as director of two downtown development organizations in Staunton, Virginia and Bennington, Vermont. She was also operations manager of Virginia Small Business Development and public affairs and communications director for NeighborWorks America. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Growth and Structure of Cities from Bryn Mawr College and a Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication from Northwestern University.