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Novi, Michigan
Novi, Michigan
Water & Sewer Department


The Problem with Flushable Wipes - Important Video

Too often the public sees the word “flushable” on a package of personal care or cleaning wipes and does not think twice about flushing them down the toilet and into the sewer system (even though they are not biodegradable). This can wreak havoc, causing costly damage to sewer infrastructure and increasing the possibility of sewer line back-ups into homes.

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Residential Cross Connection Program

The City of Allen Park is required under Public Act 399, Part 14, to maintain a cross connection control program to identify and eliminate any possible connections that could contaminate the public water system. The City of Allen Park has implemented a program for its non-residential water customers for a number of years; however, in order to fully comply with this State mandate, we must now include residential customers as part of this program.

The residential program consists of both inspections of the interior/exterior of homes and periodic testing of backflow prevention assemblies, which are typically found on lawn irrigation systems.  These backflow preventers are installed on the plumbing system to ensure contaminated water or other substances cannot be introduced to the home or the public water supply.  Please note; the City will only be inspecting the exterior of residential properties at this time.  In addition, please refer to the steps shown below that residents may take to further ensure the safety of both the home and the public water systems.

The Environmental Great Lakes Energy (EGLE) requires any connection that could potentially cause a risk to life, health or property must be in compliance with State codes and regulations. These safety precautions are in place to protect the quality of water that the City is delivering to its residents. 

Inspections will be performed every three (3) years in different areas throughout the city.  If your area is subject to inspection, you will be informed 1-2 weeks prior by flyer from HydroCorp.  After your inspection, if there are no repairs needed, there will be no action required.  If improvements are needed, you will be notified by mail.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact HydroCorp at: 844-HYDROINFO (493-7646), or  You may also visit their website by clicking here.


NEW!  Electronic Water  Billing 

We are now offering the option for paperless billing. You MUST register before logging in. Have your utility billing account number (found on your paper invoice) on hand during registration with SmartPayWorks. Once your account is set up and you are logged in, you may access your profile by clicking on the arrow near your name, then select Account Preferences to make the change to electronic invoices. You may create your online account here for this service.

Division Info

DPS Water and Sewer: 313-928-1666
Water Billing Questions: 313-928-3393
After Hours Emergency: 313-386-7800

Water & Sewer Department Responsibilities

Meter reading, Meter repairs, Sanitary sewer cleaning and closed circuit television inspections, Sanitary sewer repairs, Storm sewer cleaning and repairs, House lead sewer televising, Catch basin repairs and cleaning, Watermain break repairs, Fire hydrant maintenance and repair, Pump station operations and maintenance. 

The above is a general list of responsibilities for the Department of Public Service. Please call our office if you have a question regarding any of the above items or something that is not listed and we will be more than happy to try and answer your questions.

Watermain breaks can be reported to the Police department after hours at 313-386-7800. Any other after-hour Water department emergencies can be reported to the Police also. The Water department has an employee on stand-by service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your assistance.


Hydrant Flushing

During the months April through September the Water Department will be flushing the Fire Hydrant System.  

If you experience rusty water please run your cold water from the lowest point in you house until it runs clear.

Discolored Water

Discolored water results when water traveling through the water mains reaches high enough velocities to stir the sediment lying in the bottom of the water mains. Water main breaks, firefighting activities, annual flushing of fire hydrants and extremely high system demand are typical causes of discolored water. There are no health risks associated with this type of problem, as the particulate matter causing the discoloration is not harmful. If you experience this problem, the easiest way to eliminate the discolored water from your system is to run the cold water in your laundry tub (or any faucet that does not have an aerator attached to it).  This will create a high enough flow rate from the water main to your home to clear out any sediment which may have found its way into your service line. If the problem does not clear up within a few minutes, it is possible that the sediment in the water main has not settled out yet. In this case, wait an hour or so and try it again.

Water Personnel Entering a Residence

Water Department Personnel will not enter your residence without an appointment. Occasionally Water Department workers will knock on your door to inform you of water related issues in your neighborhood. They will not ask to enter your home.
However, if Water Deparment Personnel need to enter your residence they will notify the home owner or occupant that an appointment must be made with the Water Department prior to them entering the premises.  
Make sure that the Water Department  worker has a city assigned ID with a verification phone number printed on the ID.  If they do not have a city assigned ID do not allow them in your home.  Also, City Personnel will be arriving in a city owned vehicle with the city name and seal on the on the side.  Similar to the vehicle pictured below. 

Pay Water Bill

Water Reports

We are pleased to present this year’s Consumer Confidence Report concerning the water quality that the City of Allen Park provides to our citizens. We purchase our water from two of the Detroit Water & Sewer Department’s Plants. The Southwest Water Treatment Plant located here in Allen Park and the Springwells Water Treatment Plant located in Southwest Detroit, both respective plant intakes are both located in the Detroit River. The drinking water provided to our citizens is safe and meet or exceeds federal and state requirements. 

Great Lakes Water Authority Web Site

Downriver Utility Wastewater Authority Web Site

This document is available to view in PDF format.2021 Consumer Confidence Report


Water Rates


Storm Water Education

  • Use only Phosephorus Free Fertilizer    Michigan Fertilizer Law (1994 PA 451, Part 85, Fertilizers) restricts the use of phosphorus fertilizers on residential and commercial lawns, including athletic fields and golf courses statewide. Both homeowners and commercial applicatiors must follow the phosphorus application restrictions.    For more information
  • Is it really all that important to SCOOP POOP?  Picking up pet waste and disposing of it in the trash keeps our sidewalks clean and our neighbors happy.  But it also protects water quality, keeping our water resources safe for drinking and swimming. Pet Waste Tips and Campaign Information    How to be an H20 Hero

Wayne County Environmental Hotline

Wayne County operates a 24 hour hot-line number to field and respond to environmental complaints, including illegal dumping and suspicious discharges. The hot-line number is 888-223-2363.