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Novi, Michigan
Novi, Michigan
Property Tax
All properties in the City of Allen Park receive two tax bills per year.

A City (Summer) tax bill which is mailed July 1, and is payable August 15 without penalty.

A County (Winter) tax bill which is mailed December 1, and is payable February 14 without penalty.

If you elect to pay your property taxes through an escrow account, your tax bill will be sent directly to your escrow agent.  If you receive your tax bill in error, please forward it to your escrow agent.

Do You Qualify for a Deferral of Your Summer Taxes?

If you received the deferment of summer taxes in the past, you will need to complete a new application. Individuals who meet the criteria may request a deferral form from the Treasurer's Office. The State requires this form be filed annually and submitted to the Treasurer's Office no later than September 15.  Click here to learn about qualifying for a summer deferment.

Click here to download and print the summer deferment application.

Payment Information

The blue collection box is located in the front section of the City Hall parking lot, closest to Ace Hardware. For your convenience you may drop your Water and Tax in there 24 hours a day (separate checks please).

We are now offering ACH payments to be automatically debited on the tax due dates from your bank or credit union account.  Forms are available here or at city hall.

You may also pay your Tax Notice using your Credit Card via the internet (service fee applies): Payment Website

Tax information is available to taxpayers, mortgage companies, real estate offices, title companies and the general public.  This information may be found online at:

Link to Wayne County Treasurer’s office: